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Conwy Boat Tours

Bespoke, private tour exploring Conwy and the surrounding area by boat.

Conwy Boat Tours offers you the unique chance to explore Conwy, a designated 'World Heritage Site' from on the water. These are private tours designed for 1 – 4 people and are taken at your pace, please allow 1hr 30mins for this trip.

This scenic tour, taken at your pace, with the chance for an exhilarating fast ride if desired, will take you from our Ribs berth in the stunning Conwy Marina, up past Conwy Quay and the ‘Smallest House in Britain’ under Telford’s Suspension Bridge and past the magnificence of Conwy Castle. The journey will continue up the Conwy Estuary and alongside the RSPB reserve taking in the breathtaking views down the Conwy Valley. Weather and time permitting we will journey out to sea where you will be able to see Puffin Island, Anglesey and the Great Orme.

Conwy Castle (above) was the third of Edward 1’s great castles. Built in 1283 on a rocky site at the mouth of the River Conwy and against a background of wooded hills, it is an impressive fortress, with massive battlemented walls and eight commanding drum towers, It is also one of the best preserved of all Britain’s medieval castles.

Known as the Quay House, this red painted one up one down measures only 3.05m x 1.83m (10 x 6ft) and was last lived in by Robert Jones who was 1.905m (6ft 3 inches) tall. Squeeze in and see what it would be like to live in Britain’s smallest house.

The river Conwy is spanned by three bridges, the most impressive being Telford’s suspension bridge built in 1826. This was superseded by the road bridge of 1958 and Robert Stephenson’s splendid railway bridge from 1846. During your tour you will gain a unique perspective by passing under these three bridges.

The RSPB Reserve, Conwy is situated on the banks of the Conwy Estuary, with magnificent views of Snowdonia and Conwy Castle, the reserve is stunning at any time of year.

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Explore Conwy ' a World Heritage site' from the unique perspective of being on the water.

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